Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE)

The City of St. Anthony recently completed the 2017 GARE introductory cohort comprised of governmental entities from around Minnesota that are working with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) to advance racial equity in government. The culmination of the year was a Race & Equity Plan that will put into practice. A link to the plan is available at the right of this page. 

The city has joined the 2018 implementation cohort to further efforts in executing the plan compiled in 2017. GARE is working to advance racial equity and increase opportunities for all communities. GARE is building the field of practice to advance racial equity within and through government.

GARE Strategies

GARE's strategies include:
  • Expanding pathways for new jurisdictions to begin doing racial equity work via work with individual jurisdictions.
  • Organizing a membership network of jurisdictions that are working to advance racial equity.
  • Supporting and building local and regional collaborations that are broadly inclusive and focused on achieving racial equity.
GARE's focus is on normalizing conversations about race, enacting new policies, practices and organizational cultures, and organizing to achieve racial equity. We are seeing more and more jurisdictions that are making a commitment to achieving racial equity, focusing on the power and influence of our own institutions, and working in partnership across sectors and with the community to maximize impact. There is an increasingly strong field of practice. We are organizing in government with the belief that the transformation of government is essential for us to advance racial equity and is critical to our success as a nation, which is to our collective benefit.