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The City Parks Division maintains a total of 5 primary parks: Emerald, Central, Tower, Silver Point, and Trillium. The Parks Division is also responsible for the maintenance of the stormwater retention ponds, ditch lines and City owned properties.

Tree Inventory 2021

In June of 2020 the city submitted an application to the Hennepin County Healthy Tree Canopy Grant program to assist with the funding of a tree inventory survey pertaining to trees located within the city right-of-way in Hennepin County. The city has been a member of Tree City USA since 2016 and values the fostering of a healthy urban tree canopy. A grant in the amount of $5,000 was awarded to complete the survey, which will allow the city to apply for future grants from Hennepin County related to tree care. The city partnered with Tree Trust, a local non-profit program, to complete the tree inventory. The survey was completed in the winter of 2021. Data from 832 trees were analyzed using the i-Tree Eco model that was developed by the U.S. Forest Service. The most common species of trees found were Freeman maple, Norway maple, and White spruce. This information is valuable as it will help determine future plantings to promote canopy diversity in an effort to minimize the overall impact or destruction by a species-specific insect or disease, as we have seen with the Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch elm disease. The model determined the tree canopy surveyed removes 354 pounds of pollution, stores 670 tons of carbon, and produces 16 tons of oxygen per year. According to Tree Trust, “Understanding an urban forest’s structure, function, and value can promote management decisions that will improve human health and environmental quality.” 

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Parks Listing


View a Listing of City Parks, which includes information regarding their amenities. For an overview of park amenities, view our Parks Amenities Matrix (PDF). 

Reserve a Facility


To reserve a shelter at any of the parks, visit the Community Services Facility Rental Page or contact Community Services at 612-706-1166.