Use of Force Reports

As part of our commitment to an identified goal in our Strategic Plan, “Principles & Practices – Review and Update,” the St. Anthony Police Department completed a cover-to-cover review, overhaul and implementation of the department policy and procedure manual in 2019. Contained in Policy #300.13 is a commitment to an annual analysis of the department’s use of force, prepared by the Police Captain and submitted to the Chief of Police. Prior to the 2019 implementation of the updated policy and procedure manual, there was not an annual report compiled on use of force incidents, though the process of timely supervisor review of every use of force incident was required and verified. 

The preparation and analysis of this report followed a specific methodology to examine all incidents in which force was used: 

1.    A data search of the St. Anthony Police Department’s Records Management System was conducted for all incidents flagged as a “Use of Force” incident. 

2.    The narrative of each incident, along with the Response to Resistance report contained therein, was reviewed to identify:

a.    The date force was used

b.    The incident type

c.    The force type

d.    That the force was within policy and had been reviewed by a supervisor

e.    The demographics of the involved subjects 

f.    Any injuries to officers or subjects

3.    A summary of the incident was completed for inclusion in the annual Use of Force report. 

4.    Per policy, the information reviewed was used to form an opinion regarding the following: 

a.    The identification of any trends in the use of force by members

b.    Training needs recommendations

c.    Equipment needs recommendations

d.    Policy revision recommendations

It is important to note that per Policy #300.10.1 – Supervisor Review, a timely supervisor review is required following every reported use of force incident. Therefore, the review of use of force incidents for this annual report was done for the purpose of analysis and not to satisfy the Supervisor Review requirement of policy. The Supervisor Review of each use of force incident had been previously conducted near the time of each incident and recorded in the case file. 

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