Policy Manual

As an agency, we have always tried to maintain a culture of community service and one that embraces the concepts of community orientated policing. Policing involves a special trust given to us by the public to uphold and enforce the law. As public servants, policing requires us to have thousands of interactions with the public and the community we serve. Often times, these contacts are during times of crisis and distress and can unfold rapidly and in unforeseen directions. This manual cannot predict every aspect of policing, nor can it reasonably anticipate all the potential situations that might be encountered by officers of this department. This manual will serve to establish a framework of laws, rules and expected performance for all department members in order for us to complete our Mission: To improve the overall quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of the community.

Policing in the City of St. Anthony involves a partnership with the entire community. As a partner in the community, all department employees will work cooperatively to ensure we are working towards the goals and objectives outlined in our police department strategic plan. The strategic plan will aid in focusing our resources, making data driven decisions and evaluating how we take inputs from all stakeholders and apply them with the intended goal to improve the overall quality of life by preserving the peace and safety of our community. Jointly, we will work to identify and prioritize problems within the agency and the community to develop solutions to problems of mutual concern. In interacting with one another, and with the public, we will be professional and consider how our conduct may impact others. It takes a village to raise a child. In the same way, it takes a village to police a community. A clear vision creates clarity of purpose. A clear mission improves the quality of our service. Our identified goals and objectives must directly tie into our mission and vision. The police department’s mission and vision must directly tie into the city mission and vision. All of our police officers must be able to plausibly articulate how any policing action they may take fits into the departments’ mission, vision and strategic plan.

All employees are required to familiarize themselves with the policies contained in this manual and when necessary, seek guidance and clarification from a supervisor. If there is a question of the interpretation of this manual, that interpretation rests with the Chief of Police. It is strongly encouraged that if there are recommendations for constructive changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our service, employees will submit those recommendations. This manual will be updated, as necessary, to reflect changes in the law, personnel responsibilities, department strategic plan and department goals and objectives.

As the Chief of Police, I am very proud of our Police Department and every member of our agency. Each and every day our employees act with professionalism and dedication that often times goes unnoticed. I am confident that together we can continue to work towards making our agency and community a better place to live, work and play. There is no question in my mind that our police department is staffed by professional, well qualified, eager and dedicated professionals that care about the communities they serve.

Jon Mangseth, Police Chief

St. Anthony Police Department Policy Manual