Goal Two : On-going Review & Updates of Principles and Practices Review

Regular Evaluation and Updates to Policy Including:

  • Embedding Fair and Impartial Policing and Procedural Justice throughout the department's policy and procedure manual.
  • Use of established recruitment, hiring, and promotional processes.
  • Use of established complaint and commendation reporting process that is available through the department website and procedure for accountability and discipline
  • Employee evaluations that ensure best practices and encourage officers to engage in fair and impartial policing practices, community policing, and procedural justice.
  • Endorsement of officer whole wellness program with a three-pronged approach addressing the spirit, mind, and body, and an early intervention system.
  • Focus on traffic and pedestrian safety with emphasis placed on moving violations most likely to cause crashes, injuries, deaths on roadways. Also developing a mechanism to report our efforts publicly.
  • Broad emphasis on community policing as a guiding principle and philosophy of the department.
  • Use of established pursuit policy and emergency vehicle response.
  • On-going use of de-escalation techniques and implementation of Integrated Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT).
  • When responding to persons in crisis, including de-escalation and Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) techniques.

 Lexipol Contract for Policy Review and On-Going Implementation of Procedure:

  • Ensuring department’s overall policy development is grounded in federal, state, and local laws, and includes pertinent case law.
  • Ongoing training of all officers in the policy and procedure manual.
  • Lexipol requires officers to complete a review and short quiz on a daily basis related to policy.