What are the city’s values related to the re-development of the site?

The City Council has publicly stated its values for consideration of development on this site:

 1) The provision of affordable housing. The city has a history of including, requiring, and financially supporting the development of affordable housing in the community, and this commitment will continue;

2) Compatibility with surrounding land uses. It is important that new development match existing surrounding land uses in scale, height, and use;

3) Provision of adequate public infrastructure. All new development must provide appropriate infrastructure to manage water, sewer, runoff, streets, and access, and all other infrastructure needed to adequately serve itself and protect the surrounding community;

4) Protection of the environment. All development must meet all Federal, State, watershed district, and local requirements for environmental protection. The city will ensure all pollution and contamination is properly remediated;

5) A fair and open public process. When a formal application is received for development, the city will provide outlets for community discourse and discussion on the proposal.

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