Will there be Community Engagement and Public Input?

Will there be public comment at the February 8 workshop?
City Council workshops are open to the public to attend but do not include time for public comment. St. Anthony Village will also stream the workshop online.

How can Falcon Heights and St. Anthony Village residents provide feedback?
Community engagement opportunities will be shared soon. In the meantime, you can contact:

Falcon Heights
Jack Linehan
City Administrator
(651) 792-7611


City of St. Anthony Village
Charlie Yunker
City Manager
 (612) 782-3315

Have you completed any previous engagement?
In 2016, the City of Falcon Heights created an Inclusion and Policing Task Force to advise the City Council on recommendations for policing values, policies and procedures within the city. The task force conducted a series of four community conversations to inform its work and delivered recommendations to the Falcon Heights City Council in spring 2017. The City Council adopted a modified version of these recommendations.

In 2022, the Center for Values-Based Initiatives conduced a series of three focus groups and a randomized resident survey to gather input on residents’ police services priorities as part of an assessment of the Falcon Heights policing contract and future needs. One of the themes residents expressed is that they miss the level of services previously provided by the St. Anthony Police Department and appreciated the department’s community-based policing approach.

This community input has led to the exploration of a possible partnership between Falcon Heights and St. Anthony Village.

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