St. Anthony Police Department Current Practices

Does St. Anthony Village provide police services to any other cities?
Yes. The department also contracts with Lauderdale, which neighbors Falcon Heights and St. Anthony Village.

 How many officers does the department have? Is it big enough to support Falcon Heights?
As of February 5, SAPD has 19 sworn officers. The department is currently authorized for 20, increasing to 22 on July 1, 2024. If the partnership moves forward, St. Anthony Village will need to add additional positions to support the expanded service area. 
 In 2016, the department had 23 officers.

What changes has the department made since Philando Castile was killed?
The St. Anthony Police Department has evolved since the termination of the previous agreement, completing extensive work with the United States Department of Justice’s Collaborative Reform for Technical Assistance team in 2016 through 2018.

From this process, the department developed an overall strategic plan following input from the community. This plan is a guiding document that defines every action that the department takes as individual officers and as an agency, including implementing significant policy changes and body-worn cameras along with an internal auditing process to ensure officer compliance and accountability.

The department also conducts an annual use-of-force analysis and shares the reports publicly on the City’s website.

What does 21st century policing philosophy mean?
St. Anthony Village has committed to community-oriented policing which focuses on building relationships with residents and ensuring officer wellbeing while reducing crime.

In 2019, the police department completed a comprehensive review of its policy manual and confirmed that current department policy and training is consistent with the 8 Can’t Wait practices, which studies show can lead to 72% fewer police killings. Most practices had been covered in SAPD policy for several years. They include:

  1. Banning chokeholds and strangleholds (SAPD Policy #300.5.6)
  2. Requiring de-scalation (SAPD Policy #300.3)
  3. Requiring a warning before shooting (SAPD Policy #300.5.4)
  4. Exhausting all means before shooting (SAPD Policy #300.5)
  5. Requiring a duty to intervene (SAPD Policy #300.2.1)
  6. Banning shooting at moving vehicles (SAPD Policy #300.7.2)
  7. Requiring a use-of-force continuum (SAPD Policy #300.5.3)
  8. Requiring comprehensive reporting (SAPD Policy #300.9)

The department interacts with thousands of residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders each year.

What training programs do St. Anthony police officers complete?
All officers are trained in accordance with Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (MN POST) and City of St. Anthony Village requirements including conflict management, mental health, implicit bias, crime scene management, leadership and community engagement, among other topics.

The City operates a robust ongoing training program including annual trainings on de-escalation, use of force and crisis intervention.

In 2023, the department completed more than 1,600 training hours.

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