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Police Department

  1. Bicycle Theft Report

    Form used to complete a bicycle theft report. Once received, this report will be forwarded to a police officer. That officer will then... More…

  2. Night to Unite Registration Form

    Please complete this form to register your block parties for St. Anthony and Lauderdale.

  3. Request a Police Report

    Do you need to request a copy of a previously filed police report? Fill out the form below. Report requests will be addressed in the... More…

  1. House Watch Request

    When going out of town, officers will check on your home. After you fill out the house watch request your information will be forwarded... More…

  2. Police Reserve Application

    We welcome you as an applicant for employment with the City of St. Anthony, Minnesota. Your application will be considered with others... More…

  3. SAPD Community Academy Application

    2022 Community Academy application with the SAPD