Water Tower Rehabilitation

At first glance, it would be easy to assume that water towers exist to store water.  However, water storage is not the primary function of the tower.  Water towers are tall to provide pressure, so water towers are typically located on high ground, and they are tall enough to provide the necessary pressure to all the houses and businesses in the surrounding area. Elevating the water high above the pipes that distribute it throughout the community ensures that hydrostatic pressure, driven by gravity, forces the water down and through the system. 

The St. Anthony Village water tower, located within Water Tower Park, is a 250,000 gallon tank originally built in the 1970s.  Detailed inspections of the tank indicated the need to rehabilitate the interior and exterior of the tank to ensure the community gets the most out of its investment while also maintaining a safe drinking water supply.  Winter 2021, the City received bids to complete the rehabilitation of the tower with a schedule to begin the work Spring 2022.

Project Updates

Week of May 15, 2022

  • Preliminary work to prepare for the City of St. Anthony water tower rehabilitation project has begun.  
  • Communications equipment is being relocated from the tower to prepare for the upcoming refinishing project.  
  • Major work will begin after the completion of the St. Anthony Village 2021-2022 school year, due to the close proximity of the tower and the St. Anthony Village High School.

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