Stormwater Projects 2022-2023

Mirror Lake, Salo Pond, and Central Park Bioswale Maintenance

Stormwater ponds are best management practices (BMPs) designed to collect and store stormwater runoff; helping to regulate flow through the stormwater infrastructure and provide water quality treatment. When it rains, the stormwater runoff will collect sediment, pollutants and other debris as it flows through the various curb, gutter and storm sewer systems on its way to the pond. Each stormwater pond is designed to have a roughly 25-50 year lifespan, which includes periodic maintenance to preserve its functionality.

Often signs of a stormwater pond needing maintenance include damaged or blocked storm structures (pipes and other outlets), compromised slope stability due to erosion, significant sediment build up in pond, and/or invasive plant species overtaking native plant species. To determine which ponds are in need of maintenance, inspections are completed by cities or other agencies to sustain the pond’s effectiveness for pollutant removal.

In the fall of 2021, the City of St. Anthony Village conducted an onsite review of the vegetation surrounding Mirror Lake, Salo Pond, and the Central Park Bioswale. Invasive plant species were identified along the shorelines of Mirror Lake, Salo Pond, and the Central Park Bioswale.  The City of St. Anthony Village will be completing maintenance along the shorelines of Mirror Lake, Salo Pond, and the Central Park Bioswale in the spring-fall of 2022 to address the invasive plant species and re-establish native grasses and pollinator plantings.

Harding Pond Sediment Removal Project

Several feet of nutrient rich material will be excavated from Harding Pond to improve the quality of water being sent downstream to the Mississippi River; and to provide additional flood storage capacity in Harding Pond.  This will reduce the impact of flood waters on homes and businesses adjacent to Harding Pond. 

The shoreline areas will be constructed with safer slopes and vegetation that benefits pollinator species, bees and butterflies.  

Work is anticipated to be begin in early 2023.

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If you have any questions regarding the Harding Pond project, feel free to call Justin Messner at 612-388-9652.

Removal of brush around frozen Mirror Lake
Pollinator plants and flowers