Political Signs

Minnesota statutes and local ordinances regulate the placement of political campaign signs. This reference sheet has been created to help avoid complaints and to limit the amount of incorrectly placed signs. For further information or questions, please contact the City Clerk at 612-782-3313.

Signs are required to be set back from any property line or street curb by at least 10 feet.

Signs are not permitted in the following places:

• On private land without the consent of the owner or occupant;

• On public utility poles;

• On trees or shrubs;

• By painting or drawing on rocks or natural features; and

• Placement, painting, printing or affixing on any object within the limits of any highway.

Placement of Political Signs 6 Square Feet or Less in Size

Political Campaign Signs 6 square feet or less in size may be posted all year round on private property. The same rules apply regarding placement of signs.

Placement of Political Signs for election

All non-commercial signs of any size may be posted in any number from 46 days before the state primary in a state general election year until 10 days following the state general election.