Community Survey

In August/September 2022, the City of St. Anthony conducted a community wide livability survey to ensure that we are building the community our residents want and providing a high level of service.

The survey focuses on following ten key facets of community livability:

  • Economy
  • Mobility
  • Community Design
  • Utilities
  • Safety
  • Natural Environment
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education, Arts and Culture 
  • Inclusivity & Engagement


In the beginning of August, 2,800 households were chosen at random to participate in the survey. Households were contacted more than once to take the survey via postcard, letter and mailed survey. 

In September, the survey was opened up to all residents through Sept. 19.

Results are expected by the end of the year and will be posted online.


2005 Community Survey Executive Summary
2005 Community Survey Results

  1. Nicole Miller

    Assistant to the City Manager
    Phone: 612-782-3313