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St. Anthony Police Department currently provides contract police services to the City of Lauderdale. Our department has a total of 20 sworn officers, 2 full-time civilian staff, and 1 full-time Community Service Officer. Additionally, the Department has 14 Reserve Officers. 

City of Lauderdale Services

St. Anthony Police Department has provided police services to the City of Lauderdale since 1993.  St. Anthony officers provide law enforcement services including patrol and police protection, investigation, traffic enforcement, and crime prevention (including neighborhood watch and safety seminars).

Falcon Heights Police Contract Under Consideration

Updated Feb. 9, 2024

UPDATE: Joint Workshop with St. Anthony Village City Council & Falcon Heights City Council 
The Falcon Heights City Council and St. Anthony Village City Council met in a joint workshop February 8 for an initial discussion about a potential police services partnership.

No formal action was taken during the workshop. Council members from both cities expressed initial interest in beginning a multi-phase process to determine if a renewed partnership makes sense for each community, as well as the City of Lauderdale, which contracts with St. Anthony Village for police services.

Council members agreed that the first phase should focus on community engagement, expressing the importance of gathering and listening to feedback, questions and concerns from residents, City staff, St. Anthony Police Department (SAPD) officers and other stakeholders. The councils directed Falcon Heights and St. Anthony Village staff to develop in-person opportunities for community members to provide feedback. Each council will meet separately for workshops the week of February 12 to provide additional direction on community involvement.

The cities expect to announce details about the engagement process in late February. In the meantime, community members can share initial feedback online via the Falcon Heights and St. Anthony Village websites:

Council members also expressed their commitment to transparency throughout the process. The next phases of developing a partnership will be determined following community engagement.

Visit  this web page for ongoing updates.

Background Information

The City of Falcon Heights has been looking for a long-term fit for its policing services since 2022.

The St. Anthony Police Department (SAPD) previously provided contract law enforcement services for Falcon Heights from 1994 to 2017. The St. Anthony Village City Council voted to terminate the contract in 2017 as both cities evaluated the partnership following the killing of Philando Castile by a St. Anthony Village police officer during a July 2016 traffic stop. The Falcon Heights City Council agreed to the termination.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) has provided policing services for Falcon Heights since January 1, 2018. Falcon Heights and the RCSO are in the process of finalizing a contract through December 31, 2024. Falcon Heights and the RCSO mutually agreed in March 2023 that Falcon Heights should explore law enforcement options that are a better long-term fit, primarily for logistical reasons.

Falcon Heights staff have carefully analyzed their city’s needs and available options over the past several months. Based on this review – and preliminary conversations between both mayors and St. Anthony Village City Manager Charlie Yunker and Falcon Heights City Administrator Jack Linehan – Falcon Heights has identified several initial reasons why a renewed partnership with SAPD might be a good fit: our high level of service, physical proximity, logistics, financial considerations, and an alignment between SAPD practices and the values of Falcon Heights residents.

Falcon Heights partnered with the Center for Values-Based Initiatives to analyze its existing police services contract and resident satisfaction with law enforcement. In community engagement for the study, many residents expressed that they miss the level of services previously provided by SAPD and appreciated our department’s community-based policing approach.

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Joint Meeting Announcement, 02.05.24

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