Annual Reports 2022

  1. 2022 Accomplishments

  • Supported 45 City Council meetings (including worksessions)
  • Supported 9 Planning Commission meetings
  • Supported 4 Parks & Environmental Commission meetings
  • Prepared 89 Resolutions
  • Prepared 7 Ordinances
  • Implemented Public Hearing Notices category in Agenda Center module on our website to allow residents to receive notification when public hearing notices are published via email and text
  • Conducted National Community Survey (NCS) 
  • Continued monthly news sharing and social media meetings with all departments
  • Added Community Engagement webpage
  • Launched City LinkedIn account
  • Made enhancements to the quarterly newsletter VillageNotes
  • Hired 5 new full-time employees
  • Presented the city's annual Spirit of St. Anthony Award to Beth Denzer of our Police Department
  • Continued participation in GARE
  • Continued to partner with Just Deeds to help residents in Hennepin County remove restrictive covenants from their property
  • Continued monthly safety committee meetings
  • Maintained Greenstep 5 and Tree City certifications
  • Held Annual Clean-Up Day
  • Held Annual electronics recycling event partnering with Repowered (formerly Tech Dump)
  • Continued to promote use of our food scraps collection site (organics recycling)
  • Released RFP, conducted hauler interviews, drafted final contract for single hauler organized collection beginning in 2023
  • Continue monthly code review committee meetings
  • Launched online permit portal to apply for and pay for building permits
  • Issued 307 permits
  • Conducted 1110 building inspections
  1. Environmental Responsibility 
  2. Quality Infrastructure
  3. Civic Engagement
  4. Thriving Neighborhoods
  5. Communicate Transparently & Effectively
  6. Safe & Secure Community
  7. Fiscal & Organizational Strength
  8. 2022 City Council Year in  Review
  • Continue phosphorus reduction initiative-Salo pond system continues operation. Harding Pond and Central Park Bio Swale rehabilitations scheduled
  • Rain barrels delivered the week of April 11, 2022
  • City achieved GreenSteps 4 & 5 again for 2022
  • Promoted Annual Water Challenge in April newsletter, City website and social channels
  • WSB and City staff exploring options for solar garden participation. No available additional capacity identified to date
  • Fix it clinic and Techdump Event held on October 8, 2022
  • Tree city certification application submitted in December, 2022
  • Required community outreach in City newsletter continues for MPCA MS4 Phase 2
  • Council authorized contract negotiations with selected single hauler on October 11, 2022
  1. 2022 Police Department Accomplishments
  • Reviewed employee evaluation content and process.  Created quarterly check in process and yearly evaluation utilizing interactive assessment and documentation process.
  • Continued performing Body Worn Camera (BWC) internal monthly auditing all officer’s Body Worn Camera’s.  
  • Contracted with an auditor to conduct an independent audit of the St. Anthony Police Department’s Portable Recording System (bodyworn cameras (BWCs)) on October 27, 2022. The objective of the audit was to verify St. Anthony Police Department’s compliance with Minnesota Statutes §§13.825 and 626.8473. No discrepancies were noted.  Finding presented to St. Anthony City Council, the members of the State Legislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy.
  • January 2022 signed service agreements and began yearlong project of transitioning to a new Records Management System (RMS) platform.  Target completion for data migration, system integration and staff training second quarter of 2023.  
  • Implemented officer training based on protocols for investigating sexual assault cases as set forth by the MN POST Board.  Training created 2020.  
  • Continued training and employee development related to the department policy/procedure manual.  Issue daily training bulletins that expanded officer knowledge and awareness pertaining to policy, applicable State/Federal and changes as a result of case law rulings.
  • Completed officer training that emphasizes officer skill development in areas associated to mental health concerns, de-escalation strategies and community relations.
  • Completed department training utilizing Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (I.C.A.T.) into officer development and training.  Focus on training platforms related to Use of Force, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Firearms and responding to persons in crisis.  
  • Continued professional development of first line supervisors, as well as Office Manager, Lieutenant, Captain & Police Chief. 
  • All officers completed League of MN Cities, MN POST Board approved, 2022 "Patrol Online" training for police officers.
  • Continued community engagement initiatives.  
  • Created an interface that allows the automated transfer of digital media to the Ramsey County Attorney Office.
  • Began utilizing portal provided by Hennepin County that allows the automated transfer of digital media
  • Continued to evaluate technology to determine cost effective way to transfer digital media to city attorneys and members of the public that make public data requests.  
  • Maintained police department membership with city wide involvement in the Government Alliance on Race and Equity.
  • Observed continued growth in the use of our medicine disposal drop box, collecting 455.2 lbs. of material.  (318.6 lbs. 2021).